Interview with retired Special Agent Homeland Security Investigations

Robert began his law enforcement career in 1987 when he began working for the Florida Department of Corrections as a probation officer supervising felons released from prison. In 1992, he was recruited and began working for the Federal Probation Department in Florida, where he again served as a probation officer but now supervised higher-level felons as well as companies convicted in the federal justice system. Robert was again recruited in 2002 and began working for the Department of Transportation, Office of Inspector General, where he worked on cases involving corrupt moving companies and individuals selling commercial driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Finally, in 2007, Robert was recruited for the last time by Homeland Security Investigations, where he worked investigations to include money laundering and was featured in a book called American Kleptocracy by Casey Michel. After retiring from HSI, Robert founded his own private investigations agency called Gatekeeper Consulting and Investigations in Miami Lakes, Florida.